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October 05, 2022

Vehicle theft has increased by 21% in the last 3 years with the number of people suffering from rising car theft becoming a serious issue.

One of the leading ways of vehicle theft has been keyless thefts, with thieves using a small relay device to steal cars with keyless entry. The device augments the signal transmitted by the vehicle’s key fob to mislead the car into thinking that the driver is nearby, enabling thieves to start the engine and disappear with your prized possession.

Celebrities aren’t immune to this rising trend with everyone from Declan Donnelly to TOWIE star Pete Wicks having their cars stolen.

A-Listers Needing Car Theft Protection

Hollywood actor Dominic Cooper certainly was shouting Mamma Mia when he had his 5 th sports car stolen outside his home in London earlier this year. He was reportedly furious after his Jaguar XF went missing, having already had his Ferrari, Jaguar and a Range Rover all stolen from car thieves.

Tom Cruise also fell victim to car thieves after filming in the UK late last year, having his £100,000 luxury BMW stolen while he was filming Missing Impossible 7.

Other celebrities recently suffering from car theft include Graham Norton having his £65,000 Lexus stolen from his garage.

The Reality Of Car Theft & Car Theft Protection

Many reality TV stars have experienced problems relating to car theft this year including Olivia Attwood, sharing her horror store across social media and picked up by the media. She urged her followers to “Keep their eyes open” after her 2018 Range Rover was stolen by car thieves from her garage.

Pete Wicks had a similar experience in August and was left “horrified” after his £85,000 Range Rover was stolen from his driveway. It came in the same week that reality TV star Myles Barnett also appealed to his followers after his £100,000 Range Rover was stolen.

Another reality TV star to suffer car theft on several occasions is Kerry Katona. Once, her Range Rover was stolen from a Manchester shopping centre whereas another vehicle was later stolen from her home. She later told The Mirror that she feels “unsafe” in her own home.

How Can Theft Block Help With Car Theft Protection?

While technology has improved your vehicle’s performance, it also enables criminals to take advantage of the loopholes in your car’s security. While the circumstances of every celebrity was different, they all shared the same terrifying, horrible experience. This could have been prevented with car theft protection from Theft Block.

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