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October 27, 2022

A staggering number of almost 48,400 cars in 2021 were recorded by police as stolen. This is up 3%, from 46,800 in the previous year, though 20% fewer than 2019. Police warn of a rise in keyless car thefts as thieves come up with quick and effective methods that allow access to your vehicle in just 60 seconds.

An average of 133 cars are stolen every day in Britain - or 933 per week. Thieves do this by using a relay technology to receive the signal from a key inside a house and transfer it to a portable device, allowing them to unlock and drive the car. This is worrying for all vehicle owners.

What Vehicles Are Most Commonly Stolen?

Although common vehicles such as the Ford Fiesta and Vauxhall Corsa, are among the most stolen, data by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency shows that criminals are targeting high-end Range Rovers and other premium marques, including BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

Topping the list of the most commonly stolen cars in 2021 was the Ford Fiesta, with 3,909 reported stolen to the police. In second spot was the Range Rover, with 3,754 reported cases of the expensive Land Rover SUVs being stolen last year.

Other luxury cars featured are Mercedes-Benz C-Class (1,474) and E-Class (818), BMW 3 Series (1,464) and Land Rover Discovery (1,260).

How We Can Help You Prevent Vehicle Theft

Using our efficient Theftblock products, you can block any signal transfer, providing an effective defence against such cloning devices. Our products have been tried and tested against all major manufacturers, so we can guarantee your vehicle is safe and secure from unwanted thefts.

Our Theftblock Signal Blocker Box is constructed with premium materials to ensure it not only lasts the test of time but also looks great in any setting too. Its premium double-layered RFID Fabric will block any outgoing or incoming signals with a double magnet closure ensuring a secure seal. It is simple yet effective.

The Theftblock Faraday Pouch is perfect for that single set of keys or used when on the go. This unique pouch not only offers protection for your keys but also has a unique compartment for any cards to be carried safely and securely.

Drive a motorcycle? We have you covered with our new and improved handlebar break lock. Designed to fit most of the scooters, motorcycles and ATVs, it will provide anti-rust, anti-knock, and anti-opening, keeping your motorbike safe.

Here at Theft Block, we are professionals in vehicle protection, offering several products to help keep your vehicle safe, offering you the most innovative products on the market.

Our Theftblock products are designed to ensure you’re not the next victim of a car theft.

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