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July 28, 2022

Once upon a time, you would walk up to your car door insert your key into the door, and head off to work, shopping, or to pick the kids up from school.


Today, keyless technology has changed that and for many of us, you’ll simply walk up to your vehicle without even pressing a button to get in and start up the engine. As useful as keyless systems are, they certainly aren’t perfect and those imperfections are being exploited by tech-savvy thieves. 

In fact, according to Tracker, 92% of the vehicles the UK car security company recovered in 2019 were actually stolen without using the owner’s keys.


So How Is This Happening?

This is where things get a little technical. Your car’s keyless entry can be hijacked by relay technology, which essentially boosts the signal that your key is constantly emitting. Then that signal is picked up by a receiver and used to access the vehicle. 

Typically this is a two-man job, one thief will approach your home or business and will hold up the hacking device as close to where your key may be as they possibly can, then thief number two will stand by your car with a receiver. Hacking devices typically work up to 50ft but the more sophisticated models can boost your signal up to 300!

Once the receiver picks up the hijacked signal it tricks the car into thinking the key fob is nearby and thief number two is ready to drive off and head for the closest chop shop. The really scary part is that all of this can take less than a minute.


Is There A Way To Stop This Happening To Me?

The easiest way to stop yourself from becoming the next victim in the nasty trend of keyless car theft is by investing in a Theft Block protection box or pouch. Our premium double-layered RFID Fabric will block ANY outgoing or incoming signals with a double magnet closure ensuring a secure seal. 

Created due to the continued increase in vehicle and data theft we have quickly established ourselves as the market leader in faraday signal blocking products. Learn more about how we support drivers across the UK and the rest of the world by exploring our website and social media!