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Theft Block Motorcycle Disc Brake Lock

Securing your bike can be a little tricky since motorcycles are small and light weight; therefore, easier to steal.

Have peace of mind that your bike is safe by locking it securely with our Theft Block Motorcycle Disc Brake Lock.

The Pin is 10mm, please make sure to measure your disc that it will fit before ordering.

Key Features:

  • Angle Grinder Resistant
  • Tamper Resistant
  • Disc Cylinder Locking
  • Smashing Resistant
  • Drilling Resistant

Feel at ease using this guaranteed, affordable and practical theft prevention deterrent on your bike. Efficiently works to restrict motorcycles from being moved.

Theft Block Lock in action:

How to Install?

  1. Turn the key into the bottom of the lock and turn it clockwise to open it.
  2. Place the lock end over your break disc and push it back together.
  3. Turn the key anti-clockwise to lock it in place. It should now be locked into place and your bike secured.
  4. Regularly clean the outside of the keyhole of dust and dirt. Adding lubricant such as WD-40 into the lock at least once a month to maintain its function well.

Any issues regarding your lock you should immediately contact us:

Package Includes

1 x Theft Block Motorcycle Disc Brake lock

3 x Keys

1 x Reminder Rope

1 x Holder Bag


Designed In Wigan, UK.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Michelle Lotwick
Unable to return

Lock does not work on my bike, I have contacted 4 times via email to start return process , however no one has replied to my email so am now stuck work lock

Ash Carman
Theft block

Brilliant device, easy to carry around even though it's a bit on the heavy side but it's manageable..absolutely love it as its practical to use and easy to use too would 100% recommend

Benjamin Stone
So far so good.

So far so good.......
Only down side that I can see, is that getting the key in the lock is and can be a little fiddly.

Loving this disc lock, so practical and robust.

The unit arrived within 1 working day, so can happily say they don’t mess around making you wait for your lock. As well as arriving so quick it was extensively packaged, protected with a box within a box and then the lock itself is foam padded, basically there is pretty much no way this is arriving damaged, which all leads to an amazing start from this company.

Now to the lock itself, it has some real weight to it, from opening the box and seeing the solid stainless steel unit and removing it from the box you know instantly it is built to do a good job, and then you notice the little details like the pin rotates which is going to make it really hard to get a disc cutter on to the unit and cut through it. The main body is so solid you can feel confident that your new disc lock is something to be proud to own and something that will do its job and last too. The lock comes with 3 keys which is always great, that extra piece of mind it will last as you got spares in case you lose one, or even two of the keys. As well as this it also comes in a velvet style carry case, nice extra but not something I can see being used by myself, the addition of the reminder cable is a welcome extra and something that will be used for sure by most of us riders.

Now the main disc lock is a simple two part product, the pin and main body…. And fitting them on your bike is as simple as placing the pin through your brake disc and then securing it with the main body on the other side of the brake disc and turning the key to lock it. What I like from the get go is that you can not lock this without the key, so no accidentally locking it and second guessing you forgot your keys and then realising …. Ah bugger now I am stuck with the lock on and no way to remove it, like we all have done when walking out of the house and your keys indoors and left wondering which way you’re going to retrieve them.

Once you've fitted this you know it is staying put, there is something about this style lock over the other traditional disc lock that makes you feel more secure that it’s not being removed easily. Traditional disc locks don’t come close to the solid build of this lock, and this particular lock is really well made, and with that is peace of mind when you lock your bike up and leave it unattended. The lock is small enough to carry around under most seats, so again unlike a traditional disc lock you don’t have an excuse to leave it behind, and lets face it if you read your insurance small print, most policy require you to have at least a disc lock on your bike when not stored at home, so remember that the next time you go to the shops and just use the steering lock… there is a very good chance if your pride and joy gets stolen there you will not have full cover and high chance you will not be able to claim. Which make this really the perfect solution and at its price point (Only £50) it’s a steal (no pun intended).

Well, that’s enough of the positive praise, so let’s pick some faults in this if we can and yep there are a couple but I am sorry to say they are pretty minor in my view…

I am going to get really petty here and for me it’s that using two boxes to post it in, in this day and age with all the environment issues and concerns out there the larger box is unnecessary, as the inner small box is perfect on its own. The only other item I would say is the 10mm pin, while it is that size for a reason (strength) it could limit the amount of bikes it can be used on (check comment below), for me it’s not an issue but I could see some other bikes it may not fit easily on so worth checking, lastly it would be amazing if this came with a Sold Secure rating for insurance discount, but that’s it, Yep I did say I was being real petty here.

Conclusion … this is one well made disc lock, it's small enough to be carried in a pocket or under your seat, it is built to withstand a hammer attack, as well as an angle grinder, and being so well made it going to last you a long time, and finally the price … £50 is damn cheap for what it offers.

Now I do need to point out again that this lock uses a 10mm pin, so make sure your bike's disc will take this, easiest way to check is grab a 10mm drill bit and see if you can poke it through a place on your disc, you can mount it via other areas on the brake disc like I have in photos.

Strong lock

Moved my bike backwards with it on by accident as I forgot about it and snapped my mudguard, fair to say it’s built pretty well seeing as I was doing all of 1mph.

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