About Us

Founded In Wigan, UK.

TheftBlock is the perfect solution to improving the security of your vehicles, data on your mobile & contactless payment theft at your home/work. After working within the automotive industry for over 5 years now and seeing the distress these problems are causing.
For example in 2019 our founder, Jordan became victim of this growing issue having 2 attempted thefts of his Range Rover Evoque. After this he knew something had to be done to stop this ongoing crime.

As technology improves within the criminal world day by day, we wanted to provide an ideal solution that would not only prevent criminals taking your Valuable Assets, but make it easier to keep it safe and secure stylishly.

So we came up with the idea of TheftBlock and started our journey to design a simple yet effective anti-theft product range that has a luxury finish, high quality materials that can be displayed elegantly within your environment.


Thank you for taking the time to read a small piece about our company and we look forward to welcoming you as customers.


TheftBlock Founder.