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Keyless Car Theft

Keyless Car Theft - a Theftblock Keyless Protection product is a great preventative measure

Vehicle Wireless Entry systems and start keys operate by emitting a radio frequency signal.

When they key/fob is close enough to the vehicle, it reads this signal code and authorises the vehicle to unlock and start (press to start button).

Unfortunately, today thieves have found a way to boost and replicate/clone these keyless fobs allowing them to gain access and steal your vehicle.

Our Theftblock signal blocking products blocks any signal transfer, providing an effective defence against such cloning devices.

Tried and tested against all major manufacturers, you can rest assured that placed correctly in a theftblock product your vehicle is safe and secure.

Car thieves (relay hackers) work in pairs to steal your vehicle or remove valuables by gaining access in an average of 60 seconds. Thief 1 stands in close proximity to your door/window holding the one part of the device (the amplifier), while thief 2 stands near your vehicle with the other part (the receiver)

The hacking device amplifies your key signal from anywhere within your home (up to 20-meter range) and transmits/clones this to the other receiver which is located near your vehicle to trick the vehicle computer into thinking the key is present.

The hackers are then free to gain access and control of your vehicle and drive it away.

Car theft is on the increase and is expected to exceed the 2020 all-time high of 150,000 vehicle thefts.