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Great value

Great value for money. Look good aswell

Theft Block Land Rover Box

Great looking box in good quality.
Shipment was quick and easy.

Excellent service

Could not do enough for me 👍👍👍

Custom Theft Block Case

Great quality and solid case, delivered swiftly and well protected. Would recommend for additional security for your vehicles.

key fob potch

fantastic quality

Car Key Pouch

I bought two key pouches which work well but I think they're way too small.

Theft Block Premium Faraday Keyless Car Signal Blocking Protection Box - 5 Year Guarantee

An excellent quality product. Jordan kept me fully informed all through the process and I will happily recommend him in the future

Grey Theft block with free personalisation.

Great quality product with a super speedy delivery even with the free personalisation option.
Box looks good and is a really decent size to throw all your car keys in if you have two or three vehicles parked at home. A previous box I ordered from elsewhere looked big but was actually tiny and you had to juggle the keys to fit in or remove key rings etc for it to close.
Would definitely recommend the THEFT box and brand and it is definitely worth it especially with car thefts on the rise.

the box

got 2 sets of spare keys in it if it work as well a s the pouch t doing it job the way it should

is what is says it is

just make sure you get your key fob in the back part or it ant going to work
when is in the back part dose what it is supposed to do

Really good


Great quality, great value, excellent design and finish. Thank you

I sleep better knowing my car is safe

A little pouch which is highly transportable and gives me constant piece of mind. I tested it (unwittingly after I’d got in my car and put the key back in the pouch) and when my car didn’t start or engage I knew it was the pouch’s protection.

I bought 2, so I have one for my spare key as each pouch only has room for one key.

Theft Block Motorcycle Handle Bar Brake Lock
Gerard Rice
Great Handy Lock

Fast Delivery
Great Solid Product

Does what it says on the tin

They are expensive but they actually do work as there us no signal once the key is placed in right place. I would suggest to buy this (hopefully a better price) and do not waste buying cheap and do not work.

Very prompt service, the product does what it says on the tin works a treat !.


Great pouch, didn't know it existed until I saw it on a police programme. I have tried to start the car whilst in the pouch and it will not start, so my car is protected day and night. I highly recommend this pouch. Now I can sleep all night without worrying. I wish I had know about this sooner and my husband is impressed.

Excellent protection

Key pouch

Absolutely love it

Works ( tested ) happy and can recommend

Got the box and 2 pouches for the keys, happy with it although i would suggest to rethink the design for the keys pouches , maybe ( if is possible ofc ) you could make individual holders for the keys for every brand? would be a nice addition to have a key shape for a car brand design, so people could tell what you driving by seeing the key in your hand ( Just to Show Off :D ) and more colours would be a nice add!
in the end it does the job and materials are very nice.

Theft Block Motorcycle Handle Bar Brake Lock
Dan Thomas
Great for most bikes but maybe not harleys

I love this product and they are a solid product. However its not suitable for my Harley break lever

5* works as intended

Theft Block Motorcycle Handle Bar Brake Lock
Mark Brown
Great piece of kit

These locks are really well made and look great. They’re great value too, another well-known bike company make a similar item and is much more expensive.

Theft Block Motorcycle Handle Bar Brake Lock
Robin Street
For the price you'd expect half the product. And its much more than twice as good!

Spot on product, easy to us, looks good and unoffensive on the bike. Light enough to have in your pocket but robust enough to stop someone having your bike away easy enough. Couldn't ask for more!

Theft Block Motorcycle Handle Bar Brake Lock
George Paterson
Great lock.

I bought this for my scooter. It is easy to carry on your person, fits nicely in your pocket and is so easy to attach on the bike. Extremely well made and looks great too. Acts not only as a physical deterrent but a visual one too. All in all I'm extremely happy with my Throttle-Brake Lock and would buy again if I ever needed another. Thank you.