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Product is brilliant, customer service brilliant & super fast delivery

Good quality and works

Love both the box and pouch and feel really confident they work. In fact, if I forget to my be the fib from the back insert, my car won’t start, so I know it’s effective. Pouch is easy to clip house key on and off too. Box easily fits several fobs so hold all the families keys in there.

Theft block box

Received very quickly, great looking box well designed and finished. Big enough for a few sets of keys. Quality product.

A very well made and effective theft prevention device

We previously had two small Faraday bags that were endorsed by secured by design however found them to be very small and struggled to fit a key in with a key ring, and when we had to put a spare key in as well, they didn't close at all. For some time I've followed the theft block page on social media and the box always looked very nice and a good concept for multiple keys. I decided to purchase one and see how it was. I initially ordered the grey as I missed the black option. I emailed Theft Block and received a very quick reply stating they had amended my order. Upon the box arriving I could tell straight away that it was produced with quality materials. The black is more of a really dark grey/slate which is a very nice shade, the magnetic close combined with the thickness of the materials means it doesn't bang or clunk when you close it. I have tested it in both my wife's and my own car (Ford Fiesta & Audi A7 respectively) and the car cannot detect a key signal even when placed next to the reader area on the dash. There's plenty of room inside to fit a good amount of keys which can be separated into two compartments. All in all a very well made and effective theft prevention device which I will be recommending to friends and family.

Pouch that looks & works great

The pouch has two pockets, one with the RFID protective lining and the other to just hold the keys safely as you drive. The clip on the back is also handy to hang the house keys off. The pouch is classy and looks great sat in the car key stowage compartment

Works well

Great product

Well built, quality build

Kingsbridge Autos - Sales Manager

Our customers are loving the high quality products and ensuring they keep their new cars as safe as possible!

Theft block spot on . Gr8all round service

My theft Block

Does exactly what it says on the tin.


I recently watched Police Interceptors on t.v. The recovery driver stated that it was easier to get into electronic fob cars that it was cars that used keys. It was this that promted me to purchase this item. I put the fob in the rear pocket and went to open my car in the usual way, standing a few inches away i tried to open the door, with no success at all. So if the product works this close, and manages to curtail the signal, that is why i rate it as Excellent.

Does exactly what is says

Great product, keeps my car safe outside my house, used the pouch how the demonstration videos show you too and it’s just amazing how it works.

Recommend this pouch 100%

Amazing product

Amazing product fast delivery does exactly what it says on the tin 10/10 would definitely recommend

Works a treat!

I bought 2 pouches so I can keep the spare key in one. They work very well. I put the key into the front pocket when I’m using the car or leave it in the back pocket for security when the car is parked. An added bonus for me (not everyone) is that I can find my keys in my bag so much easier now 😁👍 Quick delivery. I would definitely recommend the key protection pouch.

Theft Block and x 2 Pouches

Theft block, Coolest design and does what it supposed to do,
Initially I made a review on the pouches not working, due to my fault for reading the instructions and putting the keys in the front slot rather then the black slot, my apologies to theft block, I was sent email instructions and tested the correct way and both pouches work, sorry again and then you for the incredible service and product


Protection Pouch

Again works at the moment some I have brought have worked for a month or 2 then do not do the job they should do will see if this stays doing its Job

Theft Block

Seems to work have no reason to say otherwise

Theft block is great

Theft block box is great and does what it supposed to very stylish design, great customer service on purchase,
The additional pouches x2 didn’t not work at all.

Theft Block Faraday Key Protection Pouch
Wrong person name of consumer!!!
Key fobs

Good service. Ordered and received within a few days.

This pouch provides 100% protection. Since my 1st purchase, I have bought another one for my brother. Again 100 % protection. My only criticism is, there are not instructions ( within the delivery box ) as to which pocket to place you key fob. Having said that a simple test sorts that problem out.

Perfect and secure.

Excellent piece of kit. Bought one for main key and it worked perfectly so bought another for the spare key. A good price made better with the 10% discount. Would not hesitate recommending.

Excellent! Serves its purpose. Better than any on market

This really works!!

We been researching this and although the tech should work reviews suggest otherwise. We bought this with a healthy level of skepticism it works perfectly though. The bag and the box both block the signal even when you are right by the car door!! We would 100% recommend this.

Great piece of kit

Great piece of kit


Bought two Key pouch's and both do not work, you can still open & start the car when keys are in pouch.
Ken Wstson