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{PRE-ORDER} Theft Block Motorcycle Disc Brake Lock

Pre ordered Locks will be posted to you by end of August.
Please Note: Only 50 available for this pre order list.

Securing your bike can be a little tricky since motorcycles are small and light weight; therefore, easier to steal.

Have peace of mind that your bike is safe by locking it securely with our Theft Block Motorcycle Disc Brake Lock.

Key Features:

  • Angle Grinder Resistant
  • Tamper Resistant
  • Disc Cylinder Locking
  • Smashing Resistant
  • Drilling Resistant

Feel at ease using this guaranteed, affordable and practical theft prevention deterrent on your bike.
 Efficiently works to restrict motorcycles from being moved.

How to Install?


Turn the key into the bottom of the lock and turn it clockwise to open it.

  2. Place the lock end over your break disc and push it back together.
  3. Turn the key anti-clockwise to lock it in place. It should now be locked into place and your bike secured.
  4. Regularly clean the outside of the keyhole of dust and dirt. Adding lubricant such as WD-40 into the lock at least once a month to maintain its function well.

Any issues regarding your lock you should immediately contact us:

Package Includes
1 x Theft Block Motorcycle Disc Brake Lock

3 x Keys

1 x Reminder Rope

1 x Holder Bag

Designed In Wigan, UK.